COVID-19 Policies

Updated July 28, 2020


Make sure to read and follow all of the protocols on the COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance on the online registration site. This is our best defense to keep everyone safe.

Make arrangements to drop off and pick up your child in the designated location within 5 minutes before and after class each day. Please be on time – not early or late! Only one person should pick up each gymnast at the designated location due to physical distancing rules.

The gym club door to the complex lobby will be unlocked from 5 minutes before class until 5 minutes after each class starts. If a gymnast arrives later than 5 minutes after the start of class, call the gym club and a staff person will come and let the gymnast in.

Parents need to know that they will not be able to come into the gym club area with their child. All gymnasts must be able to follow our COVID-19 instructions/protocols throughout the entire time they are inside the gym club area. If you feel your child will have difficulty with these strict protocols, please do not register for a class at this time.

Change rooms will only be available for use as washrooms. When you drop off your child, take any excess items they may have. Have your child ready to come into the facility to do gymnastics.

Follow social distancing protocols with all other people not in your family.

We ask all parents/caregivers (and everyone) to wear their own reusable (washable) cloth mask at drop off, pick up and inside the complex facility to help keep everyone safe.

The Gymnastics Club area will only be accessible to gymnasts and staff, due to public health occupancy requirements. If you need to speak to any gym club staff, please call the club and we will speak with you by phone.

The viewing area will be subject to separate public health rules and requirements. The rules about occupancy and viewing are not yet finalized. If possible, it is best to drop off and pick up your child at the appropriate times, and not plan to stay at the complex. In the best-case scenario, we expect to have a reduced space for parents to view classes in the hallway of the complex. If this best-case scenario occurs, having only one person per gymnast view class, if anyone at all, will make things as fair as possible.


Wear your own reusable (washable) cloth mask to gymnastics. This is one of our main defenses against COVID-19. Gymnastics is mainly a non-aerobic sport and we will modify aerobic activities to account for mask usage.

Use hand sanitizer on entry to the facility, and at the start of each event. Remember not to touch your face or eyes. The gym club will have hand sanitizer at the entrance to the gym and at each event.

Change rooms will only be available for use as washrooms. When you come into the facility be dressed in your gymnastics clothing, since the change rooms are not available for leaving clothing items in. Only 1 person or family will be permitted washroom use at one time.

Public health guidelines state that all athletes must maintain 6 feet of distance from each other at all times. All gymnasts must follow this protocol, at all times, while you are inside the facility. This mandatory rule includes all areas inside the gymnastics facility.

The water fountain is not available for use. Gymnasts may bring in a clearly labelled water bottle to drink from. The gymnast’s water bottle must be labelled with their first and last name, in case the water bottle is forgotten and left behind at the club. Drinking from another gymnast’s water bottle is prohibited.

Coaches are only allowed to spot to prevent injury at this time. Everyone has also been off gymnastics for some time. Gymnasts will not be able to immediately do all of the moves they used to. The coaches will help each gymnast to create a training program leading towards their goals.

Gym Club Staff and Facility

All gym club staff will complete a self-assessment before their shift. Any staff feeling unwell or exhibiting possible symptoms of COVID-19 will stay home.

There will only be a maximum of 6 groups of 7 gymnasts in the gym at a time.

Gym club staff will conduct a cleaning of high touch surfaces between classes, and a complete disinfecting will be done at the conclusion of each day.

The current staff will be informed on the new protocols for running classes.

All staff will be wearing masks.