History of the Woodstock Gymnastics Club

The Woodstock Gymnastics Club got its start in the early 1980’s in local high school gymnasiums with parents setting up and taking down the equipment at the start and end of each session. This group of parents dreamed of there being a dedicated facility for local kids who loved gymnastics.

When the Woodstock District Community Complex was discussed at the municipal level, these parents were determined that they would make the Woodstock Gymnastics Club a part of that facility. These parents worked at as many as 50 bingos each year to raise funds to be part of the community complex. Over the next 10 years these parents worked tirelessly raising nearly $400,000 dollars to contribute to the community complex fundraising efforts.

In 1991 an opportunity arose for us to work with the City of Woodstock to find an interim home for the gymnastics club. The gymnastics club paid for the construction of a facility on city land that would be used as a dedicated location for the gymnastics club until the community complex was built. At that time the city would buy the building and use it as a recycling hub.

On July 22, 1996 the dream became a reality when the gymnastics club moved into its permanent home in a state-of-the-art facility at the Woodstock District Community Complex.

Those dedicated parents’ children were now adults, but the selfless work they had done would live on for every future generation to benefit from.

The growing pains of trying to meet the increased financial responsibilities of our larger facility presented a new set of challenges. The efforts of the founding group provided the inspiration for a new generation of parents to host meets, run fundraisers and continue to work bingos, to meet these new obligations.

As the gymnastics club has grown, the efforts of these community minded parents have paid off. We are now able to offer high quality gymnastics in a state-of-the-art facility at a reasonable cost with no fundraising commitment for parents.

It is so inspiring to see the beaming faces of those parents now watching their grandchildren participate in the facility that they played such a big part in creating.

When it comes to communities working together for the greater good, these Woodstock Gymnastics Club Parents are World Class!